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Children Only Play (Do You Remember?) - text


Do you remember,
Some warm September - one sunny afternoon.
We found each other, love under cover,
A home, and somewhere safe to hide.
Our search had ended, time was suspended,
While we touched each other's souls.
While music swayed us, it held and delayed us,
From playing out our roles or any games.
We laughed together, dreamed of forever,
And eternity was promised in our eyes.
Funny how it still remains,
A soft mirage that time can't change,
Our first love.
Do you remember,
Some cold September - one rainy afternoon.
We lost each other, disillusioned lovers,
And the pain of nothing left to say.
Ooh don't you see it, we didn't really mean it,
We were children, and children only play.
Times that I missed you, when I was with you;
We were there, but didn't want to stay.
Was it just the time of year,
Another phase, or passing fear,
That our love would someday end.

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