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What can I do? Up here in the zoo
I've been here too much longer than I remember
What can I say, will there be a day
When we can all leave this place forever, forever, forever
Wake up at 8, place you hate
Ready by 9 for feeding time
Spectators at 10 to look in your pen
And we perform for them

At the zoo, you, you what do you do
At the zoo, you, you we perform for you
At the zoo, you, you what do you care
You just stand there and stare

Animals cry at night, a tearful tiger is a terrible sight
He remembers how he used to run free like me
And we don't laugh anymore
Sitting wondering what we ever laughed for
Looking at the ever closed door
What more, what more

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Sons And Lovers

Hazel O'connor texty

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