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Since '91 I been a menace, for real
Born rotten and exposed
A rose in a garden full of hoes
A flowerbed of souls
Where the flower never learn
They can go, they can grow, they can
They can be something
I'm a bird, I'm a bird...look at me fronting
Been confused and obtuse, gotta mean something
I don't feel, I don't feel, I don't mean nothing

Mama looking around, what you gotta say
You propably never gave a fuck about me anyway
I know I'm foolish cause I love you with my whole soul
But I keep running so I ain't gotta home, I don't wanna go home
Running from the fire in my brains, in my ozone
Running from the pressure 'til I cave in my own home
You don't understand the obsessions that I got
I need love, I don't feel that shit a lot, nigga

Been alone from the motherfucking jump, man
Every battle, every hurdle, every hump, man
Bitches either feel it or they motherfuckin don't, man
Time to draw the line and do the motherfuckin *snort sound*, man
Man, listen, I don't talk about myself, nigga, oh no
You don't get it, you don't feel it, nigga, oh no
Where I'm from is a nightmare not a smoke show
Niggas never make it there, they never make it, oh no, nigga

I'm from the generation of the scarred and abused
For real, man
You're either dead or you're dying or you doomed
And what's worse is nobody's got a clue
Of what the fuck that I go through in my brain
That there's a fucking beast of the motherfucking chain
That I be having dragons in my heart being slain
Til I'm broken and too vulnerable again
Love, nobody ever showed me what it was, my nigga, for real
I've been beggin' since a younging, since a cub my nigga, for real
Saw into your pretty blue soul like the rainbow
My third eye saw your devil and your angel
We tried to love each other from a different angle
Unfortunately we still got strangled

I don't even know if imma make it to the next day
Every day I wake up and I feel like it's my Death Day
You can see inside me like a motherfucking X ray
Losing to my demons in a motherfucking chess game
It's a hard life, I choose to lead, the memories so lucidly
I'm just speaking truthfully, it's hard to breathe, it's hard to breathe, damn

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