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I remember all my Detroit days up on 7 mile
I was young, shit was hard, shit was hella wild
I remember seeing mama cry, man she never smiled
Always had a brain overaged, I was never child
It so cold in the D on some trip shit
'Specially when you young and you wild and a misfit
'Specially when nobody ever told you could be shit
'Specially when nobody ever told you were the shit
Get it now while you're young cause you need it
You don't know my issues, nigga
You don't wanna be this
I got a hole in my head, it's the deepest
You don't know the darkness, nigga you don't wanna see this
I be spitting like inside me's a Lochness, nigga
Going home ain't a option, nigga
I get it on, get it on, get it popping, nigga
Promise you nothing can stop this nigga
I be on that female Pac, they like "never bitch"
But I could name a whole slew of niggas that I'm better than
I don't get, I don't get, guess I'll never then
But I'm still vicious, I'm still spittin, it's whatever man
Ey yo D, if you listen, man
Nothing can stop you, man
You can still be someone
You got the option, man
Nothing can spoil you the love that I got for you
This just the way, man
I changed with my obstacles, for real

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