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The Evil Queen - text


Evil incarnate
With eyes of perpetual beauty
Her spirit lifted in fire
Burning unholy desire

Ancient mistress
Queen of the dark
Wolves cry out to her name
In midst of winter's night

Upon a beast of blasphemy
She rides as a noble stead
With seven heads and ten horns
And a diadem on each one

Whore of Babylon
Mother of damnation
Seeker of destruction
Princess of Satanas

She comes to deceive the masses
They drink their fill of her wine
And submit themselves unto her flesh
Committing unspeakable deeds

But lo she has her place
She will not stand in victory
Neither shall she prevail
For the end of all days draws nearer

Upon that bloody moon's light
And when the sun adorns itself in blackness
The great and terrible Day of the Lord shall dawn
And He shall send her in the eternal fire

With her legions
Burning forever
And as she is there dying
She laughs as the she is eaten by the flames

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