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Falling inside the crypt
Eternal darkness awaits
Six feet underground
You become the appetite of worms

Gnawing on your flesh
Drinking away at your blood
As if there was any left
When the body rots away

Bathe inside the seas
The oceans of burning sulfur
Become the Justice of God
May He have mercy on your wicked soul

Burning forever in fire
Tarnished into ash and rot
Forever forgotten in time
Wandering the great astral plain

Spiritual cleansing by flames
Abolishing the wickedness of men
Life choices led to terrible demises
And now you're in the second death

1000 years of torment
Nothing to lose in death
The cries of the damned shriek loudly
Screaming for the Savior to come

As if they wanted him when they were alive
As if they cared…

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