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Light of Darkness - text


Behold! The Light of Darkness

The very emptiness that engulfs all things
And is not found in anything
That which is always and evermore
Continual even in death
Eternal in life
Everlasting in the grave
The darkness which is all things and nothing
The emptiness, the all, within, and beyond

The light which is no light
The absence of all things
But that which is all around us
That which we are still searching
Trying to find that light
In that perpetual and eternal darkness
Where lamentations sound forth
Seeking forth the wisdom of the ancient ones

But lo!
The people living in darkness have seen a great light
On those living in the land of the shadow of death
A light has dawned!

Light of darkness
Shines on dead souls
That seek forth light
In deepest darkness

Rites of darkness
Negative philosophies
Witches Sabbaths
Satanic circles

Infernal preaching
Pagan rituals
Ancient blood cults
Death god worship

All in darkness
A light shines on you
Salvation is still there now
Yeshua yearns for you!

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