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Chasms of the Dead - text


Within the darkest night
The ground opens wide
A coffin awaits for you
Its door opens wide

Reflections of the past
Stir with insanity in the mind
Winds of death embrace thee
No where can you escape

Screams of despair
Cries of horror
Crypts of darkness
Desire your soul

Hellish flames all gather
Such hope seems all to be lost
Life becomes full of regrets
Living just to be a grave

Buried in darkness down so low
As above so below
Nothing but fear is of your soul
Now here comes death what life was lived for

Gruesome fates
Miserable lives
Wasted in fire
Ruined in flames

Savior abandoned
Life lived in vanity
Ruined potentials
For what is it all worth

Chasms of the dead
Chasms of the dead
Chasms of the dead
Chasms of the dead

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

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