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We are Haymaker - text


We are Haymaker

We started the fire you can tell 'em it was us
We destroyed your property we're born to start a fuzz
Dressing smart and fighting hard unable to control
Laughing in your face we're playing skinhead rock'n roll

The rumors where true, now what you wanna do?
We are Haymaker who the fuck are you?

If you don't want to be like us than fuck like the rest
If you think you've got what it takes than put it to the test
Thirsty for alcohol and hungry for revenge
We always hit first and than we call it self defense


Not for trendy assholes who are talking lots of shit
Or virgins who won't take the risk of getting hit
We may not be pretty and we know we'll go to hell
But you will die first and we will live to tell


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