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The professor is building
Something extraordinary
From the first signs
Well I knew he would hide it from me
Clang, clang, rattle, and buzz
There's a helicopter blade
And a bit of a truck

He's got no more quality time
To be going on adventures
Spending mornings on Blackheath
Using a Ouija board
Or finding hidden places
That had never been sought, I pray
Origami full of grace
The professor is mad
And he's working a feverish pace

Diabolical delicious things
Something is bad
And it's something within me

Do you know?
Do you know?
What is he building in there?
Gotta know
Gotta see
What is he building in there?
Gotta know
Gotta be
Something destructively daring
Disastardly it's got the best of me

The professor is building
All kinds of devilish device
Won't part with a singular bit of enlightenment
Bang, crash, glitter, and bug
There's a phonographic needle
And a stereo heart

He's got no plans to make an announcement
No preliminary sketches
Or advice to impart in me
One ounce of jealousy
Fifty-seven gallons juvenile delinquency

Super supremacy
I've gotta find an answer
Gotta fashion a skeleton key
Diabolical delicious deeds
Something's bad
And it's shrouded of secrecy


(There are really four dimensions
Three...which we call the three planes of space
And a fourth

The professor is building
Something extraordinary
Behind bars
And a door he won't open for me
Kind words and the barrel of a gun
Will make him come to grips
Make him face up to what he's done

[Chorus x2]

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