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I've got no one to call my own
Nobody calls me on the phone, I've been disconnected
I've been evicted from my home
Name and address care of unknown, it's been redirected

Now the open sky's my limit, and the sun's my point of view
This time I had to lose to win

I walk down Peachtree Avenue
Nothing's the same since I lost you, it's to be expected
I never thought that I'd stoop quite so low
You had no choice but to up and go you felt so rejected

I crashed with the wheels still spinning, I had no overview
I just crawled out and walked away
Now I can't stop my mouth from grinning, and time is running thin
This time I had to lose to win

Do do do do do do ...

I know I should be feeling, a lot worse than I do
As past due payment for my sins
But I'm done with pain from kneeling, the sky's still colored blue
This time I had to lose to win

Do do do do do do ...

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Are You Lookin' at Me?

Colin Hay texty

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