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Eternal Lord - text


Eternal Lord
You grace gives me straight everyday
In your rock I found true love

My lips want to prayse you
For you infinite Love I want to live

I kneel in front of you
Sovereign and faithfull God
Cause I know that my life depends on your grace
As everything in this world
Belongs to You

Guide me in the justice path
So I can battle in your holy name
For your honor and glory

Oh my Lord
Put me in battles for your name

Use me as a divine instrument
It doesn't matter the price I need to pay
I trust in You my Lord
I depend on your grace my God
God of glory and love

I wont be silent
Even in my last hour
My lips want to worship You

Sovereign Lord above all things
Wear me with the justice armor
Armor me with the sword that is your Word

I want to live in your light
I dont mind if I dont see where I step
The Lord will guide me
And if I get stuck
He will carry me on

This fire that doesn't hurt
Inflamates my soul
Fills my spirit
This is Love
That is going to liberate you
In your name oh God

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