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Sadness Runs Deep - text

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I have the dream in the palm of my hand
but if I fell off that tightrope on which side would I land?
Insecurity and freedom, it's a narrow path
don't know what she wants now
('cos I've ) forgotten how to laugh.
Frightening thoughts spin, around my head
betrayal and misery, things that were said
deep-down inside me the sadness runs deep
the only release from the torture comes when I'm asleep
all of these feelings are trapped deep-down inside
for you it's a joke now I've got nowhere to hide.
Send someone to help me,
I'm lonely and I'm scared
I was gonna pile up,
my emotions they were bared
my weak points they were noted,
put away for future use
she says that she loves me,
as she tightens up the noose.

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