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Well I was minding my business,
Happy as can be,
Hanging with my friends down by the Sea of Galilee.
I had my lunch basket along for the ride,
My momma packed for me I took a look inside,
She gave me two fishes and five loaves of bread,
So I could have tunafish sandwich
Tunafish sandwich, tunafish sandwich,
I couldn't wait for lunchtime so I could have my tunafish sandwich. Yeah...
Well over by the water on the outside of town,
There was this brother named Jesus who was laying it down,
With a large multitude of people hanging around,
Their stomachs were empty but the spirits were sound.
And when he got finished he came up to me and said:
\"Can I have your tunafish sandwich?\"
Tunafish sandwich, tunafish sandwich,
I couldn't believe that all he wanted was my tunafish sandwich.
Well Jesus took my basket, and he looked to the sky,
Gave thanks for what I had given, and it started to multiply.
I don't know how he did it, with the seed I had sown,
All I know is five thousand people had a tunafish sandwich of their own...
Well if you're like me, you haven't got a lot to give,
Find it hard enough to find a reason to live.
You may have a little; you may have a lot,
But when you come to Jesus give him all that you got.
Remember my story; it just might be that all he wants is your tunafish
Tunafish sandwich, your tunafish sandwich,
It just might be that all he wants is your tunafish sandwich,
Your tunafish sandwich, tunafish sandwich
Your tunafish sandwich, your tunafish sandwich
tunafish sandwich...

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