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The First Song I Wrote To My Wife - text


I've been watchin you for a long, long time
And you just see right through me
And I can't seem to get you off my mind
You don't know what it's doin to me
I've got your pictures spread out all over my walls
I'm the one who breathes heavy when he calls
cause I'm a stalker, yeah I'm a stalker

Baby, won't you just consider me
I've got a job and I'm a real good dancer
I've got money, and a car, and I love cats
and I won't take no for an answer
you know Hershey's make kisses by the ton but I'm only asking you for one
Cause I'm a stalker, yeah I'm a stalker

You're beautiful, you're beautiful
You're beautiful it's true
The day I touched your face, you sprayed me with mace
And until the day you say I do, I'll still be stalking you

Baby I swear I don't mean no harm
you didn't have to get that restraining order
all i do is camp out in your back yard
it's just me and my little camcorder
and if our life was a movie you'd be the star
every second of the day i'd know where you are
cause I'm a stalker, yeah i'm a stalker
i'm a walker, not a talker, I'm a midnight stalker
i'm a stalker

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