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My Name Is Bob - text


I got an apartment,
I think you know.
but the rent was just to high to pay,
so I got a room mate,
I didn't know,
and he moved his stuff in yesterday,
When he walked in,
He said to me,
My name's Bob
and I'm a slob
and I just thought i'd let you know
I don't shave,
and I don't bathe
and I love to nibble on my toes,
I gotta be honest,
I think you know.
but his odor was one you can't ignore,
so I tried to take it,
then my sister knocked upon the door,
when she walked in,
Bob stuck out his hand,
and said,
My name's Bob,
and I'm a slob,
and I just thought you wouldn't care,
I don't shave,
and I don't bathe,
and I don't change my underwear,
well my sister freaked out,
I think you know,
she went out the door and ran away,
so I called my buddies,
to teach him a lesson yesterday,
never again,
won't happen again,
I said, hey Bob
you freaky slob,
and my friends pin you to the ground,
and I just said that you,
reek bad,
and I just thought I'd hold you down,
you're a slob,
oh and I am not,
I just thought I'd let you know,
you're a slob,
oh and I am not,
I just thought that you should goooooooo

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