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Honey-do List - text


It's early this mornin I get out of bed
Throw on my clothes put a cap on my head
I'm ready for fun cause i got the day off
I'm meeting my buddies for fishing and golf

I rush out the door and remember my wife
go back to the bedroom to tell her goodbye
I kneel down beside and give her a kiss
she wakes up and gives me a honey do list


I look at the jobs and then I pull away
she says I must finish before I go play
I try to resist but I know I will loose
she hijacked my day with these honey-dos


It's late in the evening the sun's going down
I walk in the house and collapse on the ground
crumpled up paper still clutched in my fist
i finally got down with the honey-do list

she kneels down beside me and kisses me soft
and thanks me for letting her have the day off

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