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Homeschool Blues - text


they're doin it in paris they're doin it in rome
people just like me educatin' at home
they got the homeschool, they got the homeschool blues
don't worry about no uniform don't worry about my hair
we never get snow days cause we don't have to go nowhere

I got the homeschool, i got the homeschool blues

i seem to be well adjusted and i can socialize just fine
the public schools get off at 3 pm
i get off at noon sometimes

now i don't need no sympathy
cause things are workin out just great
i'll been number one first in my class for going on 5 years straight
when my momma's talkin to herself it makes perfect sense
i say she's only in a parent-teacher conference

i got the homeschool, i got the homeschool blues

I got the homeschool, the homeschool blues

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