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Fast Food - text


What is this place Chipotle?
What's up with that?
No. Are we just giving up on the normal-sized burritos now?

Yeah, take a laundry bag & fill it with meat
That's what I want
I don't want a tortilla
I want a huge towel!

You want this to go?
I'll get the dolly!

We all have Cracker Barrel here
It's not THAT great, is it?
It's like your eating in a garage sale
There's stuff hanging all over the walls

Farm equipment over your head
I'm tryin' to order food
What's she talking about?

"How are the biscuits & gravy?"
"They'll make ya wanna slap ya momma!"
Are they THAT good?!
You're eating, then... BOOM! Hit your mom

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