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Colonoscopy - text


You have some lovely children and a lovely wife
you have a lovely bank account and had a healthy life
but you do knew this day was coming
it was always meant to be
your doctor says it times to have a colonoscopy

oh colon, colon
a wonderful procedure as everyone can see
your number's up, it's time to take one for the team
it's right there on the schedule

there is a preperation that you should know about
you have to drink this fluid that will surely clean you out
they'll take a certain instrument to take a look inside
in honesty it can be a bumpy ride

oh colon, colon
a wonderful procedure to help prevent disease
stay close to a bathroom and careful when you sneeze
you can't get away from

it's not alot of pleasure, it's not alot of fun
but now you're turning 40 so you know it must be done
it's not an ordinary exam
you lay down on a table and then "Thank you ma'am"

oh colon, colon
a wonderful procedure I'm sure you will agree
never underestimate how thorough they will be
it's time to take your medicene

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