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I love the way life screwed up the way you're looking at me
I love your face (love your face)
Listen, I don't mind a temper (no, but, baby)
But, baby, I can't chew my supper
(I'm just gonna break this space)
I can't even swallow water
I'm all filled up
With my sweet disorder
And I'm about ready to take my elbows off this table (off this table)
I'm about ready to take this whole world all inside (inside)
I'm about ready
To cry

I'm gonna turn you on
You're gonna set me free
I'm gonna make you come (yes, I am)
You're gonna live with me (yeah) (yeah)
Ah (ah) (oo)
And all the ways I twirl my hair (yes, it's true)
And all the ways I tie my shoe (yes, it's true)
I walk away to make sure you care
I shimmy back to you
Oh, darling, love is real (all for you)
That's why it seems insane
'Cause all these things we feel
Comes down like pouring rain
And when I say your name
I'm gonna turn you on

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