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The sun is coming
Your body's warm
The grass is cold
But the summer's over and I can't spend another day
Kicking down the dirt road
Georgia you're fine
You're ten feet tall
I could only love you more and more
But isn't it time we said goodbye
And I can't help crying

Georgia I love you
And I don't understand what your soul is wrapped in
Georgia I love you
Your so young and so cynical and so passive

Good lord I never
Thought that I would want it
Like every American Girl
But here I go with my red dress on
tryin' to make it in the big world
George you're a crime in ripped up jeans
You're sexier than Brad and Angelina Jolie
But somethings shakin' my bed
And breakin' in my head
And I can't stand this hopeless feeling

Georgia I love you
and I don't understand what your soul is wrapped in
Georgia I love you
You're so young and so cynical and so passive
Georgia I love you
With the world at your feet you just wash your hands
Georgia I love you
Is there some way to reach you now take a stand

And Georgia years from now
When I see you walkin'
I hope you'll stop and smile
It'll be so funny talkin'
We'll be older then
And maybe wise
And if you find what you love, baby don't compromise

Georgia I love you
But you're casting your dreams down a well that's hollow
Georgia I love you
In your eyes your just fishing for someone to follow
Georgia I love you
In the afternoon sun will you still be glistening
Georgia I love you
Can't you hear in the distance your train is whistling
Georgia, I love you
Don't you miss me

Text přidal DevilDan

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