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Caught in the maze of my empty promises
Spun around excessive desires
My legacy was my only intent
In a way I repay and leave it all to waste

I set the state on fire and let it all burn
Your decay is not my concern

Under the spell of my reasoning
The poor stayed poor and 'free'
Was another word for 'rich'
Nothing more to take from the weak
What's yours is mine, what's mine will stay mine

You gave the power to rule
To decide over right and wrong
My intensions were cruel
All the promises dead and gone

Sacrificed for a much greater purpose
Lives spent in the name of my personal gain
The last crown wasted
Wasted on war

I set the state on fire and let it all burn
The flames got higher and higher
'Cause you wouldn't learn
All the things I've ever done, I did just to say:
Your decay was never my concern

People die
From my neglect
You can never blame me
People die
When they put their trust in me

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