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In covenant with tri-winged maelstrom!
I return to the soaring Ignis
Down unhasting spiral of the aeonic line
Toward the core that breaks through
dust clouds and haze
Wheee Triglav's glory enlights!
Triglav's Triskhelion
A guidance for howling wolves
Transition of the spawn into the veiled divine
The hand that is raised to strike out
In everlasting sanguine strife!
In tri-winged maelstrom!
Enlightment in sacrificial rite
Astral silence pervading
In the dark theatre of sanguinary strife
The centre of a star in Navia
Supreme shaman's exultation
As he plunged in the tyrant his steel
In the stardust fractal
A spark begotten of the Sun
Sacred blood in motion
Controlling life force of an aura bound in stone
Triglav's Triskhelion
A guidance for blind-sighted
In fresh myrtle my blade I entwine
Like Svarog when he made a libation
of tyrrany's blood
Solo: Domin
Unfolding the soul until life is transformed
Controlling the vibration of the highest
Triglav's Triskhelion
The one blessed in nothingness
Sovereign of Navia
A garment of the spirit
Interstellar elixir of life
Victory of the soul over circumstance
A luminous vestment in aura of this land
Divine power!

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Auric Gates of Veles


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