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Covenant of tyrants
Seething with rage
Myriad of Brahmas have passed
Over death-chosen land of depression
In Seventh Manvantara
Before it comes back to the source
Reign the darkness In greater depth
Creating a spell Embracing the stillness in the storm
Zoroaster! Single, supreme, majestic
Riding the chariot to spread the seeds of Avestian truth
Empire of graveyards
Bloodlines of insatiable slaves
Behold! Asura fleshly form
Marching these lands of disgrace
Behold ! Asura fleshly mind
The path of the wanderer
Liberate! What lurks in the soul, in its corners
In its deepest labyrinth
Liberate! What lurks in the twilight and dawns
when gods are generous and merciful
Asuric mantras burn the ashes
Through the endless night
Devour remnants of a power that once was
Dehumanized wrecks wander around the temples
Invaders' poison seeping into feeble minds and flesh
Rising power on the mountain-torch
Zoroaster! Eternal
Flame Spins the wheel of all life
Zoroaster! Infinite source
All flesh left to scavengers
Engulfed in radiant flood
Time-transcending shelter of the sacrosanct
Destroyer of filth
Putrefying greed Boundless celestial void
Resounding in brains
Zoroaster! The nigh is born
Revelation emerges in ancient struggle
Zoroaster! Wielding wisdom
Blessed be those who chained themselves to the stars
The might lives on
In Monumental Inner Shrine

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