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Indestructible Pillar - text

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A fountain of glory in bloodshed
Spurting through the ages of doom
Entropic mighty devourer of divine
Converging it all back to dust
Sacred Phoenix in the temple of sin
In unity with stardust
Approaching the twilight of the flesh
Empowering a stellar design
Vos Estis Lux
Ignite evil-lution of the spirit
Let our war clense the world
We are born of apocalyptic scorn
Perfectly obscured from thy stare
Omega the spring of creation
Its power shines with brilliance
The usher in the new age of man
A harvest of the flesh and soul
Indestructible pillar
Colossal strength
Amidst the carnage it revives
The essence of man
Smite religious terror
Flogging the saints
Destroy the holy gangrene
Make in perish in glory of all sins
Unholy essence, devil's blood
Kyrie Ignis Divine Eleison
Atrocious crimes in light of theodicy
Uranium plague that comprehends
Consuming splendid human parasites
Never let the fire extinguished
In the realm of unequalled design
A king in the ocean of hate
Adorned with dimensions of sin
Stronghold of sin

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