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Zealot, Crusader of War - text


In the face of annihilation
We must rise and defeat all enemies
For thou shalt not falter upon fear
As to create, so we must destroy
May I die honorably upon a glorious death
For I have no shame of my underlying fate
Shall our armies assemble with disdain
Defeating all false legions of the ordained

Zealot, crusader of war
May we reign in all mankind's demise

Zealot, crusader of war
May we cleanse as the instrument of lies

Shall you be still as I avenge thee
As it shall be our rebirth of our very being
Liar in wait, corruptor of the flesh
Vengeance is the only way to providence
Our intent is to create and thus destroy
For within the growth shall now be on course
Inflicting death upon the opposition
Enduring puritanical nobility

Grandeur within our design
Sceptre in hand
I shall avenge thee
Against the radical rebellion
Harbinger of vengeance
Rise to prominence
As divine purpose
Notorious with vision amongst the slain

Effusion of blood
Harrowing times of reformation
Darkened silhouette
Against the bloodstained tide

Sheer horror
Disaster and famine
Siege of disease

Forces invade
Strong and cruel
Flee in terror
Advancing rampant force
Prepare for the storm of cleansing
May you now be forewarned
Prepare for dire consequence
May you now be forewarned

Zealot, crusader of war
Heathens to all now disavowed
Paradox to the almighty revenge

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