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Upon Desolate Sands - text

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Consume me, o' vastness of what lies before me
May I be reborn in your own very image
Revel in the sights of your very essence
Upon this journey I must embark upon
Enamored by your purist beauty
Entranced with your absolute authority
Why must this land of gold depart me
Why must you swallow me whole
On this continual path...
Waters rushed the sands with rapid force
Thrusting one's power unto thee
It drifted upon our glorious shores
Gouging the stones from the earth
Removing all life to considerable depths
Amongst the windswept dunes of mass deposits
Upon the shifting tides of sweltering heat
Depletion of your granular sands
Destruction of your identity
As I meander across this desolate floor
I traverse upon the surface of decay
On a distant shore I now no longer fear
I prey for the definitive end
Hear my cries, as they shatter the universe
Feel my longing, as I ponder on days of old
A life once known to me aeons ago...
Decreasing mass surrounds me
Floods overcome our grounds
Creeping upon the floor of the tide
Marked the sign of the curse
Ever so weakening, powerful, indestructible
Scraping the filth off the earth
Dominating, devastating now rendered unusable
Why must this land of gold depart me
Why must you swallow me whole
On this continual path upon desolate sands

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Upon Desolate Sands


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