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The Chosen One - text


Forbidden, one of thee, strength in thee
Anointed by the almighty chosen few
Configured as a source of infinite power
Convoluted with his principals of death
Turmoil ensues

The chosen one
The chosen one

To some he is the representation of doom
To others, the final bastion of hope
With time it shall now all reveal itself
Unparalleled evil, as the end of times draw near

The chosen one
We shall conquer all unite as one
The chosen one

With knowledge so vast
He shall seize strength from the weak
Feeding thy all mighty powerful supreme being
Unveil the deities of darkness
Under the regime of the ultimate beast

May it be fulfilled for he is now among us
The longstanding curse of his prophetic fear
All consuming, this figure of profound dead
The return of the formation of evil

Excision of the diseased, termination of mankind
Is this inhumane and abhorrent
Or is this the zenith between all powers
The unearthly embodiment of evil
Create an unholy path of no return
Cometh forth eternal idol
Bring forth the dawn of a new era...

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