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Tearing into Hell - text


Tearing through the blackened gates
That others beg to flee
With a smile on your face
Greet your Destiny
Miserable life span
Devoted perfectly
Dedicated to
Total Blasphemy

Of the truest Evil
Pledged your mortal life
Eager to retrieve
Your divine decree
Killing is no issue
Rape is pleasuring
You have done them all
Heinous and obscene

Tearing into Hell
Honoring the Kings
Demon and disciple
Spread his black disease
Burning till to end
A Servant by reward
Seeking troubled souls
To lure and deceive
Tearing into Hell

Serving as a soldier
Trapping countless souls
Feeding evil hunger
Always craving more
Ecstatic to deliver
Endless tragedy
Liquidating Life
Till the end of time

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

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