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Unholy empire of tyrants
Sheltered in the deepest depths of Hell
Awaiting the hour, the moment set to strike
Sparing no one who dare oppose
Screaming in desire for the unsuspecting victims
Who will soon face the ravenous attack
Anger and destruction burns in their hearts
They soon enter the wrath of Satan's hands
Breaking from the bowels and inferno of hate
nowhere for you to run 'cause it's too late
Hear the vile screams, corpses falling to the ground
Now you step inside their spectrum of death
Feel the fire burn, prepare yourself to die
They exist only to annihilate the pure
Preparing the battle the ones who had cast them out
For their empire will soon crumble tonight
Haunting... evil!!!
Hiding... waiting...
Ready to attack!
Storm the gates
None shall pass, hold them back
Storm the gates
Decadence, pestilence, tyrants
Storm the gates
Evil takes hold, dying souls
Storm the gates
Into night, we shall ride, genocide
Storm the gates
Falling onto the kingdom of light
The evil demons seize your soul
Reign of terror, bow to his might
The gates of heaven will now fall

Consumed in the inferno
The demon seed is sown
Spawning an endless reign of power
The ancients have arrived bringing angels to their knees
To die at the hands of their unholy bearer
Surrender to his might
Blasphemy prevails, the dark lord now rises to his throne
Heaven's pearly gates burning in his honor
Lucifer now watches Heaven fall

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Awaiting Evil


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