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Fallen seeds of ancient times, waiting in the night
Amid desolate places of earth, darkness where they lie
Oaths of vengeance sword upon, they're taking what is theirs
Mortal sound of dying men, screaming in despair
(Screaming in despair, judgment day is near)
The blackest depths of Hell's domain, frozen to the gates
Sending forth the ancient ones, to spread demonic hate
No remorse for those who fear, they will fall in pain
Brace yourself for total war, to fight amongst the dead
(Fight amongst the dead, where Satan's ones are bred)
Frozen in the night, this blackened ice takes your life
Begging for the end, screaming cries that no one hears
Fight now to the death, the ones who had ruled now run in fear
Helpless in the fight, as they take you to your frozen hell

Those who've stabbed you in the back, dying by the sword
To watch them die in misery falling by the hordes
No remorse in my eyes for my pleasure is their pain
Demons feast upon their souls, drunk with sin again
Sleeping through the thickest walls, like a flood they pass
There is no out to shut them out, nothing holds them back
Disciples of the underworld, venom of the gods
Thrashing you in vengeance, feeding on your blood

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