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Reflection of my heart - text

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You, listen to me I know you and you know me you gave me a power you showed me the way, the future do you remember? I need to tell you now that I changed myself because you are my pillar you gave me a weapon so that I can protect everything and I can defend me so nobody can heart my because I can really work with this, everybody can know now about this and If somebody anybody would like to see me on a strange way or someone wants me to do something wrong, I will say of course not! Ref.: Hey, come on dance with me I give you the power will be free show me who' inside you I will show you who's inside me hey, come on... Show me how you really feel if nobody knows because also I don't know then only my god, my lord, know's who inside me don't let ✈ disappointment too much stress and loneliness don't let ✈ me disappointment I show you dignity come on lady that's me

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