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(originally by Buddy Miles)
I remember long time ago
You outside of your show
Tell me to come back
You said that I was on your jet
So then that’s why all I know
Someday you will come around talking your charm
You say that you thought that you’ll be mine all the time
You know just how to dream
Come down when I’m feeling right
And you’re gonna see that you cannot have
And you wanna say that your love is over
But you take somebody just to take you home
Oh baby, come home, home right now yea yea yea
Farewell, it’s over, go
I know that someday
She will find
So come back to me
You’re mine, baby
So baby won’t you say?
This time you’re gonna come around here
I thought you’re gonna save me
You say you’ll never get out and above
Oh, many times before
You say you were coming and knocking at my door
But I was low
Yea, but you will see
Hey Miss Lady, come on home
But that don’t mean you live alone
Hey Miss Lady, come on home
I need ya in my soul
Miss Lady, come on back
Oh yea hey
I’m comin I’m comin I’m comin to set you free
All the time
It’s in my heart
Get right

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