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Can't bear the sound of silence it's a nightmare
I'm just a needle that's never been sewn.
You stare into a mirror but you're not there.
went from something to nothing you're gone.

Compare these two lives
We wont run or hide
Can we be satellites
Setting off into the sky - Son the world before our eyes

Just bite the bullet one more time
we took the hits and now we see
Give up on givinr up to the fight
leave it to our enemies
We will fing a way This is where we save ourselves from never being saved
Hold on far another day

Inside me the thought of it is still so haunting
I'm just a message that's never been told
On your knees who are you alking to
when you speak do they answer you

Throw my shadow on the floor
I can't take it no more - WE ARE THE LUCKY ONES

I can see it in my head
Escape this hospital bed - WE ARE THE LUCKY ONES

Just bite the bullet one more time...

Text přidala ArchieMiles

Video přidala ArchieMiles

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