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Learn It All Again Tomorrow - text


what i've got i don't want
all it does is hover and taunt
reminding me what i used to be
what i may never be again
turns out what i'm good at doing
is making something out of the ruin
of all this wasted space
that can never be replaced

if my wheels were square
but the earth was jagged
i'd roll along and be no less ragged
than i seem to be today
i'm usually this way

i wish every holiday only took an hour
that i'm not just like the people i resent
i wish someday i could truly be empowered
to say exactly what it is i meant

all i have that's in abundance
is my perpetual redundance
it's hard for me to say
i face it every day

learn it all again tomorrow
nothing i have you can't borrow or steal
yes i think we have a deal

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