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Please pick up - text

[Verse 1]
You're doin' me, doin' me wrong, can't we get along?
Been stuck in my bed for too long
Anxiety makin' me fall, I crash on the wall
They tell me I'm doin' it wrong
Patiently waitin' for y'all, I'm tryna ball
All of my fingers are crossed
I pray that you cry to my songs, I do it for y'all
Why is she cuttin' me off?
Yeah, why is she cuttin' me off?
[Verse 2]
Baby, stop breakin' my heart, soul cannot restart
I see us goin' so far
I see us goin' to Mars, we shinin' like stars
I know this shit can be hard
Holdin' you close in my arms, don't be alarmed
I'll keep you safe in the storm
I'm keepin' you, keepin' you warm throughout the night
Baby, we'll make it alright

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