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When I saw her standing there – fever cut hair
She gave me a wink, all I did was stare
She offered me a lager – how could I say no?
We went to the bogs and I gave it a go
She thought I was playing – this ain’t no game
Like a the others, she weren’t the same
We went to the chippy to get some food
She liked battered sausage, she battered mine too
She’s a right sort [x2]
The good times were here, me bird with a beer
Passing out the fags, she showed no fear
She knocked up a fry-up and served it in bed
Beans on toast, mother’s pride bread
The lads gave the thumbs up, she said was great
More than a bird, a real good mate
I thought we’d be laughing all the fucking time
Then she slung her hook, and she said I should sling mine
She’s a right sort
Yeah, She’s a right sort
I don’t understand it – there’s no explanation
What the fucking hell is going on?
She’s a right sort [x2]
Fuck in hell
She’s a right fucking sort

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