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Whose that geezer - sitting over there
Whose that prick - says he don't care
Whose that wanker - can't take his beer
Don't know what you're doing here?
Whose that arsehole - says he had trials
Whose that nonce - can spot him from miles
Whose that fucker - not a part of the lads
Don't go to the match he says we're sad
We go fighting every night
Says he goes pulling he talks shite
We say fuck that
Just give us a swig of the hard stuff
We are the geezers standing at the bar
We are the sharp ones - look at my car
We are the bastards and that is that
What the fuck you looking at?
We are the firm - we're fucking hard stuff
We own the manor - we're fucking hard stuff
We go pulling - we get the muff
Come and 'ave a go if you think you're hard enough

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