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The Cusp and the Wane - text


I'm thirsty for good old-fashioned brawl
There are many voices that are never heard at all
Mozart died a pauper, but he didn't go in vain
Take solace in his knowledge of the cusp and the wane

Hard living may steal the best of me
I've burned the candle as bright as it can be
William Blake was ridiculed & seldom used his name
He forged his path untroubled by the cusp and the wane

Let's hear it for the underdogs who skipped the hall of fame
One more cheer for the underdogs who never played the game

Sweet madness, it never felt so true
Living bored of lightning that sparks out of the blue
You have always loved me, even when I've been insane
Thanks for riding with me on the cusp and the wane

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