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Listen folks:
Nothing in this world worth having comes easy at all,
For every decision that comes to our mind, we pay the price.
What hereafter will wait for us, only the ocean knows,
but you can be everything but certain,
I paid the price for every word I dropped.
Needless to say, my constant fear of separation,
is actually not disappearing,
Still the same reason why I’m depraved of sleep,
I’m losing friends and above all: I’m losing confidence!
“Forever and a day”, in this case no second abandon,
just pure resolution and our final decision,
in this relation, we never thought to repent.
I can still hear you admonishing me,
but slowing down is not an option.
I can still feel the rhythm and my heart is still beating,
so your presence is no gift, but a curse!
You all once meant the world tome, who knows,
maybe we’ll meet again at my funeral.
Don’t get me wrong, this is no reckoning to the life we’ve lived,
but the only thing we share today, is our past.
Let me back in!
Bleeding hands grab for the last tread,
I exchanged all confidence to self-elected suspense,
Sometimes I suffer from this life hour for hour,
but apart from this circumstance,
my voice gets stronger with every minute that falls.
Did you ever, ever bleed for something?
Maybe these streets would be an easier way to go,
without these turns, just going straight.
but we can’t choose their course,
cause this is how we built those.
I walked a thousand miles to escape these barren landscapes, but they are still here.
They haunt me like shadows, cause this endless melancholy is my oldest fear.

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