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It must have been years since we sat next to these autumn fires,
as nothing had happened since, but anyway, it’s too far gone.
We shouldn’t have let the grass grow under our feet all summer long,
cause no one owns this moments, as far as I know, they just last for a while.
And I still wonder, why this journey finds no end again, finds no goal.
Godspeed! But we will never arrive together at the same time.
Sad to say, that some of us won’t find their way, find no kind of home,
so if I’m not coming home tonight, you will know that I’m gone.
I’ve heard all these old stories, so please, tell me something new,
I heard it all far too often, that I already know the end.
And now I try to attach as much wordly wisdom as I know, in just one song,
but the answer ‘s still a riddle, or almost a fucking lie!
This was the bloom of our youth and autumn’s coming soon.
Whoever has no home now, will not build one anymore.
Yeah, this is my human garbage, spread on the tracks of life,
You still search for a reason? Maybe the train was on time?!
Last words? A final answer? Apologies? I have none…
Love has always been the word for farewell and parting!

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