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Sundown! A blood-red sunset and the curtain of night devours the light,
somehow this gloaming looks like a painting of two worlds that collide.
As if you marked it in your dying wish, this farewell couldn’t be a more impressive sight.
So these are our last common hours, cause tomorrow you’ll be laid to rest, at first light.
The days get shorter, even if I try to shout off my head,
weird that every day has its own name but the night holds only one.
But also nascent darkness won’t lull me to sleep,
since I’ve seen these leeches separating the flesh from your bones,
But I don’t care if I should crash these walls like waves,
I don’t care if I should all too soon face the end of my days.
I don’t care wherever this numbness should lead me.
And I don’t care, that I couldn’t care less!
Das letzte Herbstlaub fällt, wie Gedärme auf Beton.
Die Luft wird kalt und kälter, der Kopf erstarrt im Frost.
Betäubt und regungslos, blau und ausgeweidet.
Verhallt das letzte Wort - im leeren Raum
Would you die for me, if I say please? I’d take this numbness with me to the bitter end!
So if you see me stumble, please let me drown! Please take me out! I’m already dead!
You know, I walked the path of sorrow once before, so I will depart and nevermore return,
There’s only one decision in our lives we can choose on our own: Vultures or worms?

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