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From Yesterday To Ashes - text


We walked throughstony paths to avoid this crystal drought of doom,
but without taking one single look around we crashed right back in!
An episode of life can be recounted in a few trite words,
but the reverberations that remain will last from days to years.
Daring not to chase all these hours of unique ecstasy,
'cause elapsed moments can't be repeated, once gone they're lost.

I sing the word hope in inscrutable notes,
the same with certainty, I write it in illegible letters.
We were the young furious, restless and uncompromising,
these songs of love and tragedy carried us thorugh sleepless nights.

This is the time when all I was convinced of gains a new meaning,
an unknown awareness, a secret life of words.
You may say my eyes are empty and my skin is so withered,
but unlike a candle my life burns from both ends!

This is my answer to a question that was never set,
this is my anthem, this is my ode to youth!
This is my answer to a question that was never set,
this is my confession, this is my ode to youth!

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