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All the decisions that I made, which led me to this place,
where not wrong nor right, but urgent!
And as far as my feet will carry me and as long as my heart still beats,
thi is its rhythm, this is its beat!

As the last leaves touched the ground beneath my hands,
this summer ended before I could find my way back home.
It seems I'm still not ready for this journey to end,
but somehow I'm sorry to've left you out there all alone...

You call it home, I call it isolation.
You call it love, I call it a prison of mirrors.
You call it security, I call it last respite.
You call it life, I call it Dystopia.

Once you've heard, that these stories could be true,
now listen, this one will fucking destroy you:
All that's out in this world is just a lie,
except the pain of pure hearts and those sad songs,
that make you wanna die...

But the sea of memories that devoured me,
is not as deep as the lake you'll drown in.
These are my last words, I wish I could burn my eyes,
like all the other faceless names bury mine too behind oaken trees...

...and drown in my nihilism!

Text přidala DennieDen

Video přidal DevilDan

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