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Answer me one last question, before I leave this place behind:
How could you stay with me for all those years, while living a lie?
I know truth is tensile, but was it what we had been looking for?
Or could we just find sleep next to each other or in sativa dreams?

We just fooled ourselves, it's so damn obvious!
Buildings burn, beloved people die, not even friendships last forever!
Sooner or later this apathy will dry up my heart,
but I keep on smirking, I keep on dancing on debris!

For so many years the only colours I saw where black-white-grey,
every morning I felt like waking up in raingarden's arms.
And when every day ends up like this, it's self-deception to still hold up hope,
same reason that I take these pills, same reason that I drink that much!

Your glance is as empty as the feeling I get while gazing at cemetery walls,
'cause when I look into your eyes it seems like staring though the eyes of the dead.
With the benefit of hindsight so many things were of no lastly use,
but there's no remorse, for me the consequences for you the guillotine!

I just turned twenty-four and life is still not getting easier,
rather more inverted. it just seems to pass faster.
The agitation I feel faces me with no other choice... met me at a very strange time of my life...

Again, these painful memories obsess me and indicate,
that this is the last chance to leave the sinking ship.
Don't tell me "I love you", who the fuck do you think you are?
Spare me the lies, you don't even know who I am!

Two times I already collapsed in pulling the trigger,
the next shot won't be the third, at most the lst.
You won't succeed in lightening up the sky again,
'cause after drowning the light the stars are finally dead now!!!

Text přidala DennieDen

Video přidal DevilDan

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