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I always dared to know you were entrusted to me,
For a few years, as my charge, but not my property
I always hoped the dawn of days
Wouldn't raze all we edified, I may got dazzled
Despite the sun was always hiding from me
I hope you'll find what you were always looking for
I hope you find the warmth and the protection
I was unable to offer
For my own part, well
I just hope to find myself again
To unearth a long-lost part of me
Although I disbelief...
In these starlit, cold waters
In these much too shallow graves
Once more, in the dust of days
Among this river that once flooded this place
This dire tide of disorder
once again pulled out the sand under my feet
Washed me away and got me stranded here,
so far away from home
They are waiting for me,
they are waiting for the world to end
Maybe I disguise,
but writing this song made me think only of you
It won't be long, until I will face the ferryman
I'm sure he will be good to me, eventually set me free
I'm sure I will find peace now, finally eternal rest
For cartage, please withdraw the obolos off my tongue...
In one case I never had doubts
My passing will be a violent one
I'll be gone without a warning
And all I'll leave: THIS CRYPTIC LETTER
This life deadened everything inside me
All that I loved was carried away
I must have passed the point of no return
Felt like a thousand years ago...
...I'm going home now...!

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