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The Eternal Struggle - text

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We're all on the edge of time
Yet we're still too blind to see what we've done
What all about these crimes hidden in our minds
Can you bare the pain?
Once the snake led us into temptation
Snared in its pit, no hope for our salvation
Bridge I:
There is no heaven without a hell
Men defied the law, burning, killing all
Living in a fear darker than their souls
Bridge II:
There is no day without the night
There is no black without the white
Twisted maze of endless darkness, I will lead the way
Take my hand, unearth my wisdom heed what I say
Strive on, strive on, we've got to hold on,
We've got to go on
Strive on, strive on, together as one,
The sun won't shine on in vain
Now the snake slithers back to its hole
Drags with him the souls that he stole
Final Bridge:
There are no sins without sinners
There is no evil without man
Repeat Chorus

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