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Staring outside the unsteady boundaries
Miles and miles of deepest vain
Your fish lens will not help you
Unless you have some plans again
Just stay far from everyone
Close your eyes to see the end
Focus here and focus there
Do you deserve the Promised Land?
It doesn’t matter if this ghost belongs to you
Silence screaming, shadows dancing
I want to see what you can see
Night after night you can find
All you need to believe
Stocked far from everyone
Hold your arms to find the end
Nowhere is safe, just turn the page
Do you really want to find the way?
It doesn’t matter if this ghost belongs to you
It doesn’t matter if this ghost belongs to you
Life is taking control of itself my friend
Sprouting out from rotten seeds again
A useless rainbow fading to grey
You will see many colors today
Life is taking my control again
Don’t feel like the last outsider
When you are looking at the green garden
You are just a wood for the bonfire
Scarified! Burning inside stoned eyes
Blindfolded by your own desire
Life seems an eternal twilight
Just like a confused butterfly
Are you trying to find the light?

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