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It's been a long time, since you heard from me
25 years since I sat on your knee
I'm turning to you now, 'cause you've never let me down before
I'm all grown up now, no longer a child
I haven't needed to believe in quite a while
But I'm asking you to grant me one last wish

So here it is, this is my plea, I'm begging, Santa please
Please bring my baby, please bring my baby back to me

I was a fool, to let her go
I just stood there, as she walked, out the door
I know that I was wrong, but I know that she belongs with me
So I'm writing this letter, to let you know
I've got no other place that I can go
There is only, one thing, on my list

Don't want any presents under my tree, for Christmas
Santa please, please bring my baby, please bring my baby back to me

Sky is filled with falling Christmas snow
While I've been busy making plans
First I built a fire and I hung some mistletoe
I just need a second chance

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Fistfight At The Wafflehouse

Brian Haner texty

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